Swedish Massage

922835_538316972885253_1527871154_nA traditional therapy, where the muscles are manipulated instigating ultimate relaxation and improving the flow of the body’s systems.  Massage is an excellent treatment in a range of conditions including postural aches and pains, stress-relief, anxiety and depression, recovery from illness, muscle tension and spasms, fibromyalgia, stiffness or decreased range of motion and insomnia and from all this you have the added benefit of improved circulation, increase in muscle function and tonicity, improving skin tone, reduces adhesions and fibrosis, improves concentration and creates a sense of well-being.  Each session can be tailored to your own needs.

Sports Massage

10850113_850212478362366_8994937425616990180_nA remedial or sports massage can be booked if there is a specific ailment which requires attention i.e. achey back/shoulders from sitting at a desk. Massage can benefit many conditions including tension, rheumatoid arthritis, tennis/golfers elbow, obesity, tendonitis, postural issues or sluggish circulatory systems. Using specific techniques muscles can be maximised so they can function at their fullest potential.

If your looking to book a sports massage, we recommend an hour for your first appointment.

Some of our therapists can provide ‘add-ons’ with their Sports Massage.  Kinesio Taping or Dry Needling may be provided, if this is something you are interested in please advise at the time of booking.  These supplements usually incur an additional charge.

Indian Head Massage

923220_547558398627777_364139173_nA traditional Ayurvedic treatment used to combat stress, fatigue while improving circulatory systems, reducing muscular tension, headaches and improving facial muscles and flexibility.   This is achieved by gentle stimulating movements across the head, neck, shoulders, arms, face and head.


Hot Stone Massage

945245_541421249241492_960251444_nUsing specialised heat retaining rock on points of the body, the heat deeply seeps into the body’s muscles alleviating muscular adhesions allowing for increase of circulation and flexibility. By using these rocks, the therapist is able to reach underlying tissue easier to work at a deeper level.


Warm Bamboo Massage

10419389_757698800947068_8325425526741174645_nIt us a truly unique experience where heated bamboo of various lengths are used to knead and massage tired and aching muscles.  This is the perfect massage for those who need and prefer a deeper massage.