Hypnotherapy is a NATURAL state.  Enjoy the peaceful relaxation as you soothe into success!  Hypnotherapy allows YOU to regain control of your life.  Each customer’s therapy is tailor-made to their specific needs, goals and aspirations.

Areas that hypnotherapy can help, include, and are not limited to:

Stop Smoking, Weight Loss/Weight Management, Phobias and Fears, Confidence, Anxieties and Stress, Motivation and Discipline, Relationships and Libido, Sports, Passing Exams and Tests, Behavioural Issues (including working with young people), Fussy Eating, Insomnia etc

Sessions can be individually booked or double sessions can be requested. Hypnotherapy usually requires up to 3 session but this is always tailored to the needs of the client. 









Success begins in the MIND.  Sports Hypnosis Mind Coaching is a truly and unique effective method to help master supreme confidence, concentration and belief.


The difference between winning and losing can all be in your mind.  Are you comfortable with success?  Are you easily intimidated? Are you an “excuse addict” for failure?

Sports Hypnosis is a combination of some of the most powerful mind enhancing tools available today.   Combining conventional hypnosis (which allows direct communication to the subconscious, the part of ones’ mind that controls action and emotion), psychology, infrasound and NLP.  There are no pills, fads, or any other “dependent” systems.  By utilising the natural power of your mind, which you already possess, with no need for “potions” and “gimmicks” each and every month.



It is a fact that many, many sports people will spend a small fortune on books, videos, lessons etc., BUT the “game” is not won on the playing area, it is won in the mind.  Because of this, the Sports Hypnosis Program is an absolute must for ANYONE who is serious about their sport and/or their fitness.

Let me state that by doing so, you have nothing to lose, and everything to win.



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